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The Foremost Residential Private Money Lender in Fairfax

We are Darner Capital, a private money lending business based in Fairfax. Passion for real estate and understanding of the challenges faced by investors form the foundation of our company. Our main focus is to provide hassle-free, quick, and customized ...

Unleashing the Potential of Real Estate Investments

Our team at Darner Capital is a distinguished investor network with a distinguished track record and deep insider knowledge of the market that prioritizes the interests and growth of our investors. Our mission is to provide access to information and ...

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Private Money Lending

Private Money Lending

Fix and Flip Loans

Our Fix and Flip Loans at Darner Capital are designed to cater to the needs of savvy …
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Why Private Funding?

Private Money is faster to close; banks normally take 30, 60, and sometimes 90 days to close; private money usually closes within 7 days if everything is lined up and stacked ready to go. Private money has more exit strategies. Better leverage capital.

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